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To provide informational and analytical content on various sports topics, especially related to Louisiana teams. We aim to educate and entertain our audience with facts, insights, and stories from expert guests. We do this by creating podcasts, videos, and blogs that showcase our personality and creativity.


To be the leading source of sports information and analysis for Louisiana fans and beyond.


David Grubb hosting HITP in 2019.

Since 2019, the brand “Hard in the Paint” has been developed by David Grubb. Among sports fans, journalists, sports and media organizations, “Hard in the Paint” means quality.

HITP has always been groundbreaking. Hard in the Paint with David Grubb was the first major daily sports talk radio program to be hosted by a Black person in the New Orleans market when it made its debut on WODT AM in July of 2019. Due to pandemic-related cutbacks, WODT went off-air just short of its one-year anniversary. After taking a one-month hiatus, HITP returned as a podcast in the fall of 2020 and earned recognition as “Best Podcast” by the Louisiana Sports Writers Association in 2021. Since its debut, HITP has produced nearly 200 episodes with more than 32,000 downloads.

However, the landscape of broadcasting in the Greater New Orleans Metro area remains dominated by a small number of radio stations providing similar coverage on the same topics.

There is room for something different. There is an audience that is looking for more than just heated debate over the topic of the day.

Hard in the Paint Sports Media serves to create a space for analysis, conversation with experts in their field, and more detailed examination of every facet of the sports world, including business, law, entertainment and more.

We ask hard questions and seek to create a better experience for the fan’s overall enjoyment of the sports they follow and provide exposure to some they may not.

Each of our shows are hosted on the HITP Sports Media YouTube channel, and are posted as audio podcasts on all major platforms.

HITP Sports Media also operates The Bird Writes, a website dedicated to covering the New Orleans Pelicans that first began under the umbrella of SB Nation in 2007. The Bird Writes has been a home for award-winning NBA coverage and boasts more than 16,000 followers on Twitter.

The appetite for sports content is only growing and there’s no better time to get involved as investments in streaming and targeted broadcasting continue to increase by the millions of dollars each year.

HITP Sports Media is poised to be a significant contributor and leader in the near future and for years to come.


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